T&S Brass Cerama

The Benefits of T&S Brass Cerama Cartridges

The T&S Brass Cerama cartridge is a commercial ceramic faucet cartridge designed for heavy use in both foodservice and plumbing applications and is backed by a lifetime guarantee. Cerama offers unparalleled reliability and a reduction in overall operating costs for facilities. The ceramic discs in a T&S Brass Cerama are precision-polished to form a perfect fit, creating a watertight seal that won’t leak. The Cerama cartridge is built to withstand the rigors of commercial applications, with a rugged solid brass (low-lead compliant) spindle and body, as well as a sturdy spline with a solid permanent lock and superior torque resistance. The Cerama cartridge can also withstand temperatures up to 195° F, plus integrated cartridge baffles at the outlets reduce water hammer and provide quiet operation.
For applications with valves that have a chance of water cross-mixing, T&S Brass Cerama is the only ceramic cartridge that comes with an integral check valve, which is critical for stopping cross flow.


Cerama vs Eterna

Eterna Compression Style Cartridge Cerama Ceramic Cartridge
  • Multiple parts
  • Multiple potential leaks
  • Multiple plumber visits
  • 1 part
  • 1 Million cycles without failure
  • 0 plumber visits

There’s a solution to stocking a large collection of faucet parts, or having to pay a plumber every time a faucet begins to leak. The one-piece Cerama cartridge from T&S Brass can help make life simple. It’s been tested to over 1,000,000 cycles without failure, increasing the reliability of your faucets by over 100%.


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