FaucetShark.com has helpful faucet and shower replacement parts guides to assist you in finding the correct part. Browse through thousands of illustrated parts drawings and categorized pages to find just the right part. Here are some of the available parts guide from Faucet Shark:


Chicago Faucets

Faucet Shark has put together an extensive Chicago Faucets parts page with categories containing every part available. If you do not know the part you need, you may also try browsing the Chicago Faucets parts breakdowns page which has just about every available model listed. Select your model number from the list to view parts, illustrated parts breakdown and more. Another useful trick is using site search where you can enter a description, partial part number and then filter the results down to your liking.


T&S Brass

T&S Brass is a commercial faucet manufacturer with products designed for a wide range of applications including food service, health care, public use and veterinary facilities. Faucet Shark’s T&S Brass Parts Guide is the most elaborate T&S parts resource online to date. The T&S Brass parts guide features categories to filter products by type and style, along with a full listing of illustrated parts breakdown drawings.



Grohe faucet and shower parts are a specialty at Faucet Shark. Try viewing the Grohe Parts Guide with illustrated parts drawings and hundreds of listings. The Grohe parts guide has categories to filter all Grohe models by type including shower, bathroom sink and kitchen. Faucet Shark has also neatly organized hundreds of Grohe illustrated parts breakdowns by series such as Ladylux or Europlus, which is useful if you know the name of the faucet but not the model number.



Crane is a brand that has been out of business for many years. Faucet Shark has put together an amazing Crane Parts Guide with illustrated parts breakdowns and links to available parts. There are not many parts left for Crane faucets, but Faucet Shark has what is left. The Crane Parts Guide is a great resource for any plumber or home owner working on an old Crane plumbing fixture.



Faucet Shark has assembled a great Kohler Toilet Parts Reference Guide. This page has almost every Kohler toilet and tank model number available with illustrated parts drawings, parts links and more. Faucet Shark does not yet currently have a Kohler faucet parts guide yet, but in time that may change. The main Kohler parts page on Faucet Shark still has almost every Kohler part sorted to find easily.


American Standard

The American Standard Toilet Tank Reference Guide is handy for any plumber or home owner working on an American Standard toilet. With parts illustrations and drawings for older and newer models, Faucet Shark has put together a very nice American Standard reference to help find the parts you need. If you are looking for American Standard faucet or shower parts, try viewing the main American Standard parts page on Faucet Shark.


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